Unit Studies


We are proud to present materials that we have developed, tested and produced here at Christian Cottage Schools. The "flagships" are our Christian Cottage Unit Studies. After teaching and writing units for our CCS families for 15 years, we believe we've produced a unit study method that is easy on Mom, and fun for the children. Each volume contains 2-week and one-month units planned to include enough science, history, bible, creative writing, literature and fine arts activities for more than one year. They're easy to use, and Christian textbooks can be used as resources. Four levels of fun and interesting activities are planned daily for first through twelfth grades. Lessons are prepared in a one-day-at-a-glance, easy to use format. No Gaps! Ability-leveled vocabulary and main points make mastery measurements a snap! A home education curriculum pre-tested by hundreds of home schooling families.

Volume 1 has entire units on each of the days of Creation, and ancient history up to the Renaissance. $79.95 plus shipping, handling (and sales tax for Colorado residents only).

Volume 2 "For God So Loved the World" 2nd Ed. Volume 2 integrates science throughout the curriculum and covers the entire Eastern Hemisphere. $79.95 plus shipping, handling (and sales tax for Colorado residents only).

Volume 3 is a study of the Western Hemisphere and the early foundations of America through the Revolutionary War. Science activities are also integrated throughout the curriculum. $79.95 plus shipping, handling (and sales tax for Colorado residents only).

Volume 4 covers the history, technology and agriculture of the United States from 1800 to the year 2000. America is seen as a nation which has been blessed by God, and through these blessings has been able to reach out around the world and bless other nations. $79.95 plus shipping, handling (and sales tax for Colorado residents only).

CD-ROM full-color editions of each volume, only $45!

All four volumes are now available on CD-ROM, there are some multi-media portions, but mostly, the CD's are identical to the printed versions, except they are in full-color and on CD in a .pdf format. See the page for the volume you are interested in to order. Also available, combination packs for both CD and printed, saves $10!

New! Download the Oceanography Unit study on any of the unit pages for free!

Inflatable World Globes



We have found great 16" inflatable world globes for geography studies, the best thing about these is that you blow them up when you need them, when you are done, deflate and put back in your pencil box! Wonderful!

Only $2

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